Teaching With Impact

BEIJING DANCE ACADEMY 31-05-16.   Let me first off apologize for my tardiness, I was actually awaiting some specific pictures for this journal entry, with that being let me say that wow the last two weeks has been such an eye opening and life changing moment for me. My students had their show this weekend … More Teaching With Impact

A Soon Farwell to Come

I’m at the point where I don’t even want to write any more journals because they remind me that I have basically a month and some weeks here again. Occasionally I sit and reflect on the time I’ve had here thus far and I feel like I would not trade it for anything, I’ve had … More A Soon Farwell to Come

As time comes to an end

Seems like time is just flying, just yesterday I sent my end of the month email and now it’s basically a fortnight since. Currently there are so many mixed feelings about the time winding down before my departure, I’m elated to be able to say I’ll be back home soon but I feel like I would … More As time comes to an end

Beijing, Beijing, Beijing

Beijing Beijing Beijing lol boy am I a teeny bit in love with this place, it’s like a love hate relationship and at the moment I am loving it. Today marks the conclusion of the first academic month and I honestly prefer the last semesters folk dance technique, I mean this semester isn’t bad  but there … More Beijing, Beijing, Beijing

China and Me Forever

Hey guys lemme first off apologize for my absence/tardiness, the semester has just begun but it’s already packed with activities, new teachers, new styles and it’s just a lot to keep up with. I am well lol thanks for those who occasionally message to find out and for those who don’t well now you know. … More China and Me Forever


BEIJING DANCE ADACEMY 14-02-16. Well there’s much catching up to do lol … I decided to go to another city because I felt like I couldn’t stay in that one room seeing one individual for an entire 6 weeks (total madness lmao), so I left a few days after our last convo. I even went … More Shanghai!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vacation Time!!!

Well the vacation has officially started and I must say that I am actually a bit excited to see what it has installed for me. Exams were pretty much enjoyable because I think I had the opportunity to prove myself as a dancer to everyone here because most of the school had never seen me … More Vacation Time!!!