Examination Time

Well my exams have started. Tibet was not at all an easy exam but I love my teacher she is very good. Even though she can’t speak english she still showa me what is the correct movement. I also have the help of my classmates to translate some of what she is saying to me. She … More Examination Time

Catching on

I have been busy with class work and rehearsal.  Simeon and I are dancing for one of the students in the Master’s program. It has been fun.  I  have a new choreography teacher now so I hope that I can keep up with the Chinese this time around. Other than that I have been taking … More Catching on


Nothing much going on at the moment. Classes are going good being pushed to the limit and then some. Everything is going good.  Went to see about my visa application. Enjoying this semester this far. Trying not to get the cold that is going around due to the cotton that is blowing around. Your’s Turly … More Simplicity

Great Times

  School has been great thus far.  I  went to a dance show that was put on by a dance company from Hong Kong.  Which was really good. I  have been able to meet some  really great people at some of the dance shows as well as dancers that attend our school. There are some … More Great Times

Semester 2

We are well  into this semester and I am still trying to get my class schedule in order.  I want to take a Tibet folk class this semester but we’ll see how that class turns out. I also got my grades from last semester back I did okay I guess with a Grade Point Average … More Semester 2

Drawing to a Close

Well it is the end of vacation. Back to work every one. I had alot of fun going to different places like The Great Wall of China, Yonghegong Lama Temple and having Beijing Snacks with one of my classmates who lives in Beijing.  So in all I am happy that I stayed  and got to … More Drawing to a Close