Adapting and Experiencing

Firstly, I will love to take this opportunity to thank this amazing foundation for not only what they are doing for Moriba Francis and I, but fully commend them for their fulfillment of Dai Ailian’s passion and devotion. It is an honour to be awarded this 10 month dance scholarship to this prestigious dance academy. I feel overwhelmed,knowing that this … More Adapting and Experiencing

Endless Opportunities

At this time of the year the country is currently preparing for winter so it’s a bit cold. My classmates are awarded an opportunity to go to Unitec University in New Zealand where they are going to continue their degree in dance in the modern and contemporary style department for one year. A week ago … More Endless Opportunities

Arriving in the Big City

I left Trinidad and Tobago on August 27th, 2016 which was the day of my birthday, what a great 25th birthday gift and experience to have. Thanks to the Dai Ailian Foundation, Beijing Dance Academy, BDA and of course American Airlines who made the trip possible and memorial for me personally. I reached to Beijing, … More Arriving in the Big City