21 Days of China

Where to start well we have been here at the (BDA) Beijing Dance Academy for the past twenty days, today will make it day number twenty-one if anyone is counting. We met Li Wen better known as Lindsay who is going to see about us for the next ten months I think. We got our class … More 21 Days of China

Week 2

Nǐ hǎo​ Within the past two weeks I must say that my emotions have been fluctuating towards certain aspects of being here. For instance, I guess I have been a bit annoyed by the difference in culture and when I say that I mean the way we would deal with things in the Caribbean and the way things are … More Week 2

Journey To China

Good morning this is Michael Mortley! My journey to get to the Beijing Dance Academy started on a Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. when I left home to go to the airport with a member of my family who wanted to see me off before my departure. Upon getting to the airport I met with … More Journey To China